5 Proven Reasons Your Home Is Attractive To Pests

Homes are the most ideal habitats for any pest, be it cockroaches, rodents, ants or any other. The main three things that attract them to your home are food, water and shelter. These are the most important things for the survival of any living creature on this planet. Generally when you spot any pest in your house, one thing you should do is, never ignore their presence. Here are five reasons why pests find your homes attractive.

The five reasons why pests find your homes attractive are:

  1. Water and moisture

Water and moisture attract the pest most. They also need water as we do. You may have leaking faucets or cracked pipelines, a very common issue of any household. This dampness and humidity become the breeding ground for all the creepers. Rats and cockroaches are mostly attracted to damp weather. The mosquitoes can also be seen in the houses due to still water. This still water makes these mosquitoes increase in number. So if you want to avoid these situations then, get all the crevices and leaks sealed. Do not store water in the open.

  1. Food and leftovers in dishes

Spillage on the dining table and leftover food in dishes are the main reason for spotting cockroaches and rodents in the house. They smell the food particles and come near the dishes. These food particles become the food for them. You just have to keep the dishes clean and sink empty to avoid their entrance into your house. It is important to keep this in your routines to keep them away. These pests also can cause contamination in food by laying eggs or leaving their feaces on your food items to be consumed. 

  1. Unorganized houses and clutter

Clutter is not associated with food but it’s the mess that you keep in your surroundings. These types of arrangements cannot be kept cleaned and dust-free. The pests hide in these undisturbed hideouts and make their permanent residence in them. Clutter is not ignorable rather a crucial reason to consider. Just keep your home clean and vacuum it at regular intervals. If you keep your home healthy and clean, the chances of pests’ entrances can be minimised to a great extent. Organise your house well and keep it maintained on a daily or weekly basis to keep it pest-free.

  1. Stored garbage and trash 

Garbage is something that should be thrown out of the house as soon as possible. The uncovered lids and stored garbage in the bins attract the pests in the house. The decaying smell of the trash drags them towards your residence. So, it is always advised to keep the lids of the bins tight and sealed. If you have garbage at home to dispose of then do not forget to keep it covered or else your trash will invite many unwanted guests to your home. Take the trash out at the moment it’s full without any delay.

  1. Cracks And Crevices

Gaps under the doors or holes in the sidings and even the gaps in the windows can be an invite for any pest. The pests like rodents and cockroaches are so smart to make them inside your house. Very small gaps and holes can be an entry point for pests. So get these holes, slits and cracks sealed or repaired on time. This will be full-proof protection to prevent the entry of the critters from these spaces. These tiny spaces are well occupied by the pests and they make these places their residence. Taking the right action at the right time will save you a lot of money and effort.

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Pests enjoy damp weather, undisturbed shelter and leftovers in your dishes. These conditions are mostly found in your homes. Above discussed conditions make your homes attractive to pests. Sometimes the irrelevant measures used to evict the pests can also be the reason to make them grow. As this half knowledge can misguide you and make these critters live longer. That is why it’s advised to invest your money in the right place. Professionals have a thorough experience of pest eviction. Local Pest Control Parramatta has been the most renowned pest control company for decades. You just have to call and book your appointment to avail of our hassle-free services in Parramatta.