How To Get Rid of White Tail Spiders

Whitetail spiders are native to Australia from the family of the Lampona genus. They are fierce and dreadful. These spiders prefer dark and shady areas to hide, especially your shoes lying on the floor. Roof voids can be their typical hideouts to save themselves from being caught. They don’t waste their time and energy on finding insects rather they eat the rest of the spiders in the home.

Identification of white tail spiders

Whitetail spiders have a cylindrical shape and reddish-grey colour with orange banded legs. A white spot is present at either side of their abdomen. They can be 1-2 cm in length. They can be generally spotted in the dry barks of plants and dark corners and ceilings. Their painful bites can also cause ulcers or necrosis. This is not a proven fact but still, there are people who claim this.

How can you prevent spiders from entering your home?

Whitetail spiders generally prefer wandering here and there so it’s a bit difficult to trace their homes. Their nasty webs can be seen around dry roof voids. To keep them away from your premises you can follow the few steps listed below:

  • Spraying essential oils

Oils made from Garden herbs like eucalyptus, peppermint, or tea tree can be sprayed on the windows, doors, and roof voids. These fragrances are actually hated by the whitetail spiders. These strong smells deter the entrance of spiders. A watered version of these oil sprays can be sprayed in the areas where you generally spot these clogged webs.
You can also put some vinegar in the spray bottle and spray it in the surrounding areas of your houses. This sour smell of vinegar will save your house from whitetail spiders to an extent.

  • Having a pet like a cat

Pets like cats can help with this situation. They will not rescue you completely from this issue but to an extent, they can work on it. Cats tend to catch the insects sprinting around them. However, you should only make them part of this task only with non-poisonous spiders. As the poisonous spiders like false widow can hurt the pets also. Whitetail spiders are dangerous but not poisonous. So it’s ok if you take your cat into consideration for this job. No doubt it is not a sure-shot way to deal with this situation. But a little amount of relief can be expected.

  • A clutter-free home can be a big help

Cleaning can be an effective measure to save your residence from spiders. Perhaps you may find this a bit boring but it actually works. Regular vacuuming and removing the cobwebs can make their return difficult. You should clear the plant debris and matter as a precautionary measure. Regular cleaning of the premises will help you in keeping all types of insects away. An organized and hygienic house has fewer chances of pest invasion. Pests deter coming to clutter-free spaces. It is not something that will give 100% results but you can try it only at the initial level of infestation.

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