5 Chemical Remedies Which You Can Try At Home For Pest Control

When pests infest the home, it becomes a headache to remove them. Their infestation can cause lots of destruction to your property and also can leave you with major health problems. That’s the reason removing them is very important. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss 5 chemical remedies for pest control at home. And, we can assure you that using these chemical remedies for pest control. They will definitely help you to remove them from your home.

Pest Control
  1. Coffee grounds: The first we have on the list of chemical remedies for pest control is coffee grounds. You might be thinking that how can the coffee beans help you to remove pests? Well, coffee beans are not only useful to make a cup of coffee. But also can help you to prevent pest infestation in your home. All you have to do is to sprinkle coffee grounds in the outdoor area of your home where you notice that pests are coming inside your home. Pests just cannot tolerate the smell of coffee grounds.
  2. Banana: If pests are taking over your yard or garden then, a simple chemical remedy for pest control is to place banana peel underground of your plant’s root. Doing this method will not only keep pests away from your home but also provide some additional nutrients to the soil and your plants remain healthier.
  3. Apple cider vinegar: You might have noticed the invasion of flies in your kitchen and they must be attacking your food. For preventing them you need a small bowl, just pour some apple cider vinegar. After that, cover it with plastic and then, make some holes in it. The flies attract a lot by the smell of vinegar, they will come getting attracted to the bowl, and then they will get trapped.
  4. Cornmeal: Ants are very common to be found on a property. The best chemical remedy for pest control to remove ants from the home is using cornmeal. All you have to do is to place some cornmeal wherever you notice the infestation of ants. They generally love to eat cornmeal but unfortunately, they can’t digest it and after a few days, they die. So, it is the best organic pest control method which is nontoxic.
  5. White vinegar: Ants leave a mark and by following which other ants find them or get their way to food. For removing the mark or trail, you can use a white vinegar solution. Mixing one-fourth cup of vinegar with two cups of water will be enough and on top of that, you can also mix some drops of peppermint which will make it more effective.


So, these are the 5 chemical remedies for pest control. By following them you will be able to keep pests far away from your home and can save your property from being damaged. If you notice that the infestation is bigger, then, you should immediately call professional pest control for pest removal.

What Homeowners Ought To Know About Termites For Wood

Furniture adds a charming look in houses or interiors of your house. The wooden furniture lasts till the age it is in the house. But some houses face the problem of termites. The general factor that can be seen if termite is present in your area is the dust from the wooden furniture. 

This is the symbol of Right. Your furniture is being contaminated with termite. And once the furniture gets infected with the termite this would lead to disaster. So, while observing the minor faults that inspect the house and clean the termites from the surface.  

The termite for wood is so minor in size. It cannot be seen in the minor destruction. To get rid of this problem one needs to take safety measures and agents for treatments.  

Symbols that you have termite in your home:

Most homes Use timber wood for the windows and doors. For the interior of your house you can use the furnishing of wooden work . The texture of the wood and the quality depend on both its need and the cost. 

If you don’t treat the material of wood well with the insecticide or pest control then it will lead to the termite infection. If the termite enters your house or the food and furniture, then the result would be destructive and it would cause several kinds of damage within a very limited time. 

However, take necessary measures to control the infestation of the termites. These safety measures for the termite treatment will be beneficial in the long term to safeguard the wood.  

termite infection.
termite infection

Termite may affect your house, and there would be a few symbols that would come across: 

  • You can observe the muddy tubes. 
  • The visible damage in the wood. 
  • The mounds came from the termite. 
  • The flock of termites. 
  • Windows and doors would be Misaligned.  

Keep a few things in mind. That would be helpful in the prevention of termites: 

  • You can go for an option to hire a professional pest treatment. But the most important thing that you should keep in mind is to make your house free from all the clutter. The unnecessary things that you have in your house, such as cardboard, paper, newspaper, old magazine, or pamphlets should be thrown out of the house.  
  • These things attract termites to make their condition favorable. Place your furniture into a fixed area and avoid its movement. Because you never know in which area there would be moisture and the termite could attack the furniture or your wooden products.  
  • If there is any leakage in your house or the pipelines, make sure you repair it as soon as possible. One of the reasons that might attract the termite would be the moisture area on the walls or the ceiling. Maintain the corners of the house and make it moisture free. So that there is no point left for the termite to penetrate your house. 
  • Gardening is one point you need to keep in mind. The garden area should have space and distance maintained between the wood and the soil which you use in the garden. With no period, once the termite came close to the soil, it would all affect your window, door, and furniture as well. 
  • If you see any termites infected on your furniture, then pest control suggests to keep that furniture in the direct sunlight. It helps in getting away from the termites. The heat of the sunlight is very much beneficial. That would kill the termite, and the moisture would be removed from the furniture. And once you pass the furniture in the sun, make sure that there should be a pest killer that should be used on the furniture before bringing it into the house.